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Our headquarters are located in Lahti and Rovaniemi. During the winter, we also operate in the Lapland area.

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Tours to abroad

With our partners, we can organize a comprehensive and customized travel packages for you.

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Large groups

We organize tours, theater tours, school trips and also shorter visits.

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Heading Russia

We also offer our expertise in bus trips to Russia.

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Transportation equipment

Our versatile equipment is suitable for transporting small and large groups near and far. Ask us the best package for you!

Small 16-23 seats 

Medium 50 seat buses

Large 55-62 seats buses

Bus with wheelchair facilities

Liikenne Lakkapää provides its customers a promise of quality in accordance to the section 48 of the Public Transport regulation

1. Providing transport services

Liikenne Lakkapää offers passenger transport services professionally, reliably and with customer service.

1.1 Currently, we operate in school transportation and service transportation in the Lahti region.

2. Providing information about services and their changes and cancellations

We provide information about our services on our website and by e-mail and telephone directly to our customers.

3. Available tickets and their prices

At present, as a company that offers charter and school transport, we do not currently have tickets in use.

4. Belonging to information and ticketing systems

We inform our customers through our website and facebook page. They also provide information about our company. On our Facebook page, we are also updating images from many of our fine charter tours.

5. Vehicles in use

In-use vehicles, we have low-floor entrance and equipment to enable easy to the car.

5.1. Age and level of equipment

At the moment, we have three fine large buses. Buses are year -13, -11, -04 and all are well-liked charter buses. We just added a new charter bus with new 16-23 seats and well-equipped Euro 6 standards to our offering. This flexible and modern bus is dedicated for smaller groups. For school transport and service traffic, most of our cars are Euro 6 class minibuses. It is our pleasure to work with good tools!

5.2. Environmental friendliness and maintenance

We are paying special attention to environmental friendliness as a transport operator. Our longer-term goal is to invest more in environmental friendliness. Currently, 5 out of 7 school cars are Euro 6 compliant. The other two are Euro 5 standards. The equipment is always renewed when possible. Drivers' driving habits also have an impact on environmental load.
We investing continually in proactive driving and driver training.

Maintenance can also have impact on the environment. Our cars are regularly checked and it is under drivers responsibility to check their vehicles every time before beginning a new tour. The cleanliness and comfort of the cars are especially important to us. In every order, buses are cleaned and washed after the trip, so the following customers always get a clean and clean car. In school transport and service traffic, we have also paid special attention to the cleanliness of cars. Sand and snow are easily included in the shoes of passengers, but with regular sweeping, we can guarantee the best customer satisfaction. Also more comprehensive clean-up is done on weekly-basis.

6. Customer Satisfaction and Measurement

We continuously monitor customer satisfaction by asking feedback in-person or via email. Randomly, we do customer satisfaction surveys during the trip by customer satisfaction forms. You can always learn something new from your valuable customers! E-mail, phone and drivers often receive feedback that is based on building a neutral picture of customer satisfaction.

7. Complaint

Complaints and reclamation about our company, our customer service and our equipment are taken very seriously. Complaints will always be handled in-person with the driver in duty and any shortcomings / problems will be addressed immediately.

8. Accessibility services

All our buses have grip handles at the doors. We also have three minibuses with a total of five wheelchair spaces. For wheelchair users, the wheelchair lift is also a good tool for getting in the car. Our drivers are service-oriented and they are more than happy to help you with any matters.

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15700 LAHTI
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Henri Lakkapää
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HR Director
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Sales Director
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